Settlement Report, April 2019

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Settlement Report, 26 April 2019

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  • Israeli Court Reaffirms: Settlers Must Vacate Palestinian Home in Hebron - read more >>

  • Israel Confiscates Private Palestinian Land for New Settler Bypass Road - read more >>

  • Annexation in Play in Negotiations over Israel’s Next Coalition Government - read more >>

  • OCHA: Palestinians in Downtown Hebron Suffer at Hands of Settlers & IDF; Israel Politicians: Time to Triple Number of Hebron Settlers - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 19 April 2019

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  • Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes in East Jerusalem…While Re-writing the Law, and the zoning, to Cater to Settlers - read more >>

  • After Meeting with U.S. Ambassador, Jerusalem Mayor Predicts “Restrictions” on Settlement Plans Will Be Lifted - read more >>

  • U.S. State Department: Distinguishing between Settlers & Palestinians is “Discriminatory” - read more >>

  • Wild, Wild West Bank: Settler Nearly Downs IDF Plane Over West Bank - read more >>

  • Israel Reinstates Ability of East Jerusalem Palestinians to (Try to) Prove Land Ownership Claims - read more >>

  • Palestinian-Americans Continue Legal Case Against Settlements Despite AirBnB Reversal - read more >>

  • IDF Helps Cover Up Execution of a Palestinian - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 12 April 2019

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  • In Largest Settlement Surge Since Trump, Israel Advances Plans for 3,659 Settlement Units – Including Plan to Retroactively Legalize the Haresha Outpost - read more >>

  • Housing Ministry Publishes Tenders for 956 Settlement Units - read more >>

  • Ariel Medical School Gets Approval, But Faces Two High Court Petitions - read more >>

  • Settlers Celebrate Right-Wing Election Victory -

  • AirBnb Reverses Settlement Policy -

  • U.S. Ambassador Friedman Touts East Jerusalem Settlement Business as “Path to Peace” - read more >>

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The Stealth Campaign to Support Settlements/Gag Free Speech – In Congress, 10 April 2019

Beginning in 2014, opponents of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel began promoting legislation in various U.S. states denouncing the BDS movement. In 2015, these efforts shifted/expanded to efforts in the U.S. Congress (as well as at the state level) to hijack concerns about BDS against Israel in order to pass legislation giving unprecedented legitimacy and recognition to Israeli settlements by, in effect, making it U.S. policy to treat them as part of Israel, and to gag free speech by legislating against boycotts of both Israel and settlements. These efforts continue through the present day.

In order to shine a bright light on this stealth legislative trend, in January 2015, in her previous capacity working for FMEP grantee Americans for Peace Now, Lara Friedman began tracking this phenomenon in a publicly-accessible data table, updated regularly to include any new developments. With APN’s agreement, Lara is continuing this work in her capacity as the President of FMEP, and her data table – which will continue to be updated regularly – can now be found here [pdf].

To follow what is happening at the state level, see here.


Settlement Report, 5 April 2019

Full report here >>

  • Israel Expected to Advance Nearly 5,000 Settlement Units - read more >>

  • Glassman/Or Sameach Yeshiva Project at Entrance of Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood Approved for Public Deposit - read more >>

  • Also in Sheikh Jarrah, The Sabbagh Family Receives Another Eviction Notice - read more >>

  • New Settler Bypass Road Gets Go-Ahead After Deadly, Disputed Incident at Huwwara Interchange - read more >>

  • Settlers Are Cultivating Palestinian Farmland Taken by the Construction of Israel’s Separation Wall - read more >>

  • Transportation Ministry Voices New Concern About Elad’s Zipline Project in East Jerusalem - read more >>

  • Yesh Din Issues Authoritative Report on Israel’s “Racist Endeavor” to Retroactively Authorize Outposts - read more >>

  • Al-Haq Report: Israel Appropriated ‘Ein Fara Spring; TripAdvisor Now Promotes It as an Israeli Tourist Destination - read more >>

  • Settler Leader: “Settlements are a Bridge to Socio Economic Peace” - read more >>

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