The Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA) is a not-for-profit community organisation based in South Autralia actively engaged in advocacy for a just peace between Palestine and Israel.

Since its foundation in 2004, AFOPA has significantly added to an understanding in Australia of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effects on the Palestinian people.

AFOPA operates as a membership-based Incorporated Association.  Our strong, diverse membership is supported by a structured organisation with an active and involved Executive Committee.

With the energetic support of dedicated volunteers committed to the achievement of AFOPA's broad aims, AFOPA has developed and implemented an impressive range of initiatives and activities focussed on:

  • Encouraging Australian governments to take an active international role in easing the suffering of the Palestinian people;

  • Lobbying Australian political parties to develop just policies in their dealings with Palestine and the Palestinian people;

  • Engaging local media to campaign for the non-biased and accurate reporting of facts about the region and to correct the broadcasting of misinformation about the Middle East conflict and Palestinians in general;

  • Broadening the Australian community's awareness of Palestine and the Palestinians and encouraging support for their just cause.

What we do

AFOPA's activities include:

  • Disseminating information and education through seminars, discussion and other educational processes with the purpose of encouraging contextual understanding and support for the Palestinian people.

  • Fundraising to support humanitarian programming in Palestine and Palestinian refugee communities in the Middle East, including the provision of medical teams and allied health professionals and the purchase of equipment for disabled, disadvantaged children and medical clinics.

  • Working to expose human rights abuses against the Palestinian people by distributing information through various media, including our website, social media, e-news, pamphlets, public events and letters to the editor.

Learn more about AFOPA by viewing our Constitution and Objectives, and our Campaigns and Events, or click below to become a Member, make a donation or volunteer.

Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA)
Incorporated Association (South Australia): A38106
ABN: 42 649 676 741
GPO Box 455, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia
Tel. (+61) 08 8232 5273
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