Settlement Report, February 2019

FOUNDATION FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE: Weekly Settlement Report, covering everything you need to know about Israeli settlement activity.

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Settlement Report, 22 February 2019

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  • Settlers Fly Israeli Flag Over Muslim Quarter Home Following Eviction of Palestinian Family - read more >>

  • Israel Approves Massive Jerusalem Housing Project – Including Settlement Units in East Jerusalem - read more >>

  • Facing Supreme Court Hearing, Civil Administration Decides to Partially Comply with Geo Data Request from Radical Settler Group Regavim - read more >>

  • U.S. Ambassador to Israel Pushes Economic Peace Scheme (Again) to “Judea & Samaria Chamber of Commerce & Industry” - read more >>

  • Two U.S. Congressmen Tour Settlements, Promote Annexation - read more >>

  • The “Sovereignty Movement” Promoting Annexation, & the Pushback - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 15 February 2019

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  • Israel Announces Plan to Retroactively Legalize Settlement Units Built on Privately Owned Palestinian Land - read more >>

  • Jerusalem Planning Authorities Are Quietly Advancing Sensitive Settlement Projects in East Jerusalem - read more >>

  • Peace Now Files Appeal Against Settler Land Grab for New “E-2/Givat Eitam” Settlement - read more >>

  • Peace Now Petitions High Court to End Flow of Public Funds to Settler Organization - read more >>

  • AG Paves Way for Ariel Medical School to Open, Despite Rejection by Key Committee - read more >>

  • Following Expulsion of International Observers, Emboldened Settlers Attack Palestinians - read more >>

  • Yitzhar Settlers Attack Palestinian School, So IDF Restricts Palestinian Access to Roads to Allow Yitzhar Settler Protests - read more >>

  • NEW: Ir Amim Publishes 2019 Map of Settlement Projects In and Around Jerusalem’s Old City - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 8 February 2019

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  • Another Challenge to Israel’s Plan to Retroactively Legalize Adei Ad Outpost - read more >>

  • New Eviction Proceedings Against Two Palestinian Families in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City - read more >>

  • Higher Education Council Reverses Approval of Adelson-Backed Medical School in Ariel University - read more >>

  • Activists Ask High Court to Revoke Status of West Bank Nature Reserve Run By Settlers - read more >>

  • Settlers Threaten to Blacklist Palestinians Who Work with Human Rights Organizations - read more >>

  • Prominent Israeli Politicians Pledge To End Two-State Solution - read more >>

  • 40 Ambassadors to the United Nations Visit Settler-Run Tourist Site in Occupied East Jerusalem - read more >>

  • Settler Org Credits Trump for Growth in West Bank Settler Population & Death of Two-State Solution - read more >>

  • New B’Tselem Report Slams High Court for Role in Dispossessing Palestinians, Validating Occupation - read more >>

  • Video Compilation of Likud Candidates Touting Role of Tourism in Expanding Settlements - read more >>

  • EU Settlement Report Details “Unprecedented” Level of Settlement Advancements 2018 - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 1 February 2019

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  • Jerusalem Cable Car Plan Advances Again, Despite Israel’s Refusal to Release Report Justifying its Necessity - read here >>

  • Bibi Tells Settlers: Evacuating Illegal Outpost Was A “Mishap,” Will Never Happen Again - read here >>

  • Bibi Cancels Mandate for International Observer Force in Hebron - read here >>

  • WZO Caught Giving Mortgages for Illegally Built Settlement Homes, Again - read here >>

  • Amnesty International: Online Tourism Companies Are Enabling and Profiting from Occupation - read here >>

  • Israel Arrests Settler for 2018 Murder of Palestinian Woman; Settlers Respond with More Attacks on Palestinians - read here >>

  • Roseanne Barr’s 2019 Israel Victory (and Settlement Propaganda) Tour - read here >>

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Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace