Settlement Report, December 2018

FOUNDATION FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE: Weekly Settlement Report, covering everything you need to know about Israeli settlement activity.

This post will be updated weekly until the end of the month.

Settlement Report, 21 December 2018

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  1. Israel Nears Final Move to Carry Out Massive Land Theft to “Regulate” Illegal Outposts - read here >>

  2. Ministers Back a Bill to Legalize 66 Outposts - read here >>

  3. In New Legal Opinion, Israeli AG Outlines Strategy for Legalizing Outposts - read here >>

  4. New Outpost #1 : Settlers & Government Officials Illegally Re-Build Amona Outpost - read here >>

  5. New Outpost #2: Settlers Build Outpost Overlooking Hebron - read here >>

  6. More Details on the Plan to Dig a Tunnel Road to the Haresha Outpost - read here >>

  7. High Court Criticizes State Over Illegal Road on Palestinian Land - read here >>

  8. New Report Documents Israel’s “Severe and Regular” Violation of International Law in Hebron - read here >>

  9. High-Rise Settlement Housing Promoted As a Means to Achieve 2020 Settler Vision & As a Solution to Israel’s Affordable Housing Shortage - read here >>

  10. Fourth Quarter Decline in 2018 Settlement Construction Starts Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story - read here >>

  11. Bonus Reads - read here >>


Settlement Report, 14 December 2018

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  1. Israel Seizes on Palestinian Attacks as Pretense to Advance Settlement on Multiple Fronts - read here >>

  2. The WZO Used Non-Existent Land Plots as “Collateral” for Loans to Build Illegal Outposts - read here >>

  3. Israeli AG Freezes New Grants Program for Illegal Outposts - read here >>

  4. At the Opening of New West Bank Highway Interchange for Settlers, Netanyahu Celebrates Erasing the Green Line - read here >>

  5. Hanukkah Event Draws Political Support for Settlers’ Bid to Take Over Site in the Old City’s Muslim Quarter - read here >>

  6. Huge Holes Open on Streets of Silwan…Above Settler Excavations - read here >>

  7. Israel’s Top Court Slams State Rail Company for Moving Debris to Private Palestinian Land as Part of Plan to Build a Settlement Park - read here >>

  8. Bonus Reads - read here >>


Settlement Report, 7 December 2018

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  1. Looming Mass Eviction in Silwan, Part 1: High Court Rules that Settler Organization Can Pursue Eviction of 700 Palestinians in Batan Al-Hawa Section of Silwan - read more >>

  2. Looming Mass Eviction in Silwan, Part 2: Elad Settler Org Wins Eviction Case Against Palestinians in Wadi Hilweh Section of Silwan - read more >>

  3. Israel to Fast-Track Two Settlement Plans in Sheikh Jarrah - read more >>

  4. Justice Ministry Finalizes Legal Opinion to Retroactively Legalize the Haresha Outpost - read more >>

  5. Three Illegal Outposts (& Ariel) Are Now “National Priority Areas” Eligible for Government Subsidies - read more >>

  6. High Court Rules the Jewish National Fund is the Legal Owner of Land South of Bethlehem - read more >>

  7. Israel Seizes Jordan Valley Land Owned by the Catholic Church - read more >>

  8. Israeli Civil Administration Report Criticizing Yitzhar Settler Violence Leads to Renewed Calls to Annex the West Bank - read more >>

  9. After IDF Killed Two Palestinians, Civil Administration Grants Settlers Victory in Struggle Over Hilltop - read more >>

  10. The New Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, On Settlements - read more >>

  11. Al-Shabaka Policy Paper: “The EU & Jerusalem” - read more >>

  12. Breaking the Silence Report – “Occupying Hebron: 2011-2017” - read more >>

  13. U.S. Chatter on Economic Coexistence Initiatives (Which Normalize Settlements/Occupation) Provokes Strong Palestinian Response - read more >>

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Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace