Settlement Report, November 2018

FOUNDATION FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE: Weekly Settlement Report, covering everything you need to know about Israeli settlement activity.

This post will be updated weekly until the end of the month.

Settlement Report, 21 November 2018

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  1. Supreme Court Upholds Eviction of 40 Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, More Likely to Follow - read here >>

  2. New Report Calls on AirBnB, to Stop Listing Rentals Located in West Bank Settlements - read here >>

  3. Settler Council Uses Taxpayer Money to Finance Illegal Construction of a Racetrack in Jordan Valley - read here >>

  4. Knesset is Advancing a Bill to Give More Land in Area C to the World Zionist Organization - read here >>

  5. Conference in Knesset Will Make Case for Evacuating Settlers from Hebron - read here >>

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Settlement Report, 15 November 2018

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  1. Knesset Advances Bill to Allow Settler Group to Build in Silwan - read here >>

  2. Settler: Amichai Settlement Was Meant to Nullify Two-State Solution - read here >>

  3. Want to Track Settlements? There’s an App for That - read here >>

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Settlement Report, 8 November 2018

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  1. Jerusalem Municipality Gives Final Approval to Two East Jerusalem Settlement Schemes Pushing Towards Beit Hanina - read more >>

  2. Claiming Ignorance, State Tells the Court it Will Demolish New Jordan Valley Outpost - read more >>

  3. Government Officials Lay Cornerstone of “New Migron” Settlement - read more >>

  4. Israel Seizes Palestinian Land to Build New Road to Settlement - read more >>

  5. Bennett Violated Govt Rules to Get a Legal Opinion Supporting the De Facto Annexation of Ariel University - read more >>

  6. In Reversal, Israeli Ministers Embrace Bill to Allow Knesset to Overrule High Court on Any Issue (Not Just on Deporting Asylum Seekers) - read more >>

  7. Settlers Group Alleges Palestinians are Undertaking a European-Backed Scheme to “Take Over” Area C of West Bank - read more >>

  8. UN Report Details Israel’s De Facto Annexation of West Bank Land - read more >>

  9. Four Alleged Security Incidents Near Settlements - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 2 November 2018

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  1. Lieberman Announces A New Settlement in the Old City of Hebron - read more >>

  2. Housing Ministry Signs Deal for 20,470 New Settlement Units In Maale Adumim - read more >>

  3. Settlers Establish a New Jordan Valley Outpost - read more >>

  4. Israel Plans to Double Size of IDF West Bank Bureaucracy…To Aid Settlers - read more >>

  5. Yesh Din Documents How Yitzhar Settlement Uses Violence to Seize Palestinian Land - read more >>

  6. West Bank Municipal Elections Empower Anti-Establishment Settler Leaders - read more >>

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Source: Foundation for Middle East Peace