50 years too many

A collection of resources on 50 years of Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem) since the 1967 War.

Half a Century of Occupation


Click image above to access +972mag Special Coverage.

Click image above to access +972mag Special Coverage.

Reporting, analysis, and reflections on the 50 years since the Israeli military occupation of West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights.

A selection of articles:

50 years of occupation is 50 years too many, by Eli Bitan

One day the settlers will be thanking the High Court, by Noam Sheizaf

50 things that have been around for less time than the occupation, by Natasha Roth

Reality Check: Almost 50 years of occupation

B'Tselem, June 2016

Click image above to access B'Tselem report, Reality Check (June 2016).

It is Israel’s choice to continue its policy of controlling Palestinians... The longer the world allows this reality to continue, the worse it will grow... What is needed is not more words, but decisive action marking an end to international cooperation with Israel’s policy, which is aimed at retaining control over Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and in Gaza.
— B'Tselem

A year from now, Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip will mark its fiftieth anniversary. A third, even fourth, generation of Palestinians and Israelis have been born into this reality, and it is the only one they know. Given what has been happening on the ground for decades, it is highly unlikely that Israel will change its policies, and the implications of these policies are set to continue or worsen. In 1967, all Palestinian residents of the Occupied Territories had the same status. Since then, Israel has annexed thousands of hectares, declared the Gaza Strip a “hostile entity”, and signed the Oslo Accords, which divided the West Bank into dozens of disconnected enclaves. These areas, all under Israeli control, now function as discrete units that differ based on how Israel defines them, what it plans for them, and the status of their residents. This disjointed reality also dictates the structure of this document, which reviews the situation in each of these units separately.

While the Oslo Accords and Israel’s military withdrawal from Gaza may have created the impression that Israel’s hold over the Palestinian territories is waning, the fact is that the fragmentation of these territories serves precisely to entrench Israeli control over all Palestinians living in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza. These residents have no part in decisions made by the state that runs their lives and controls their future...

Click image to access PIJ journal.

Click image to access PIJ journal.

Time for Justice and Peace: End the occupation

Palestine-Israel Journal, Vol.22, No.2 & 3, 2017

A selection of  articles:

50 Years of Occupation - Enough!, Editorial, by Hillel Schenker

A Palestinian state now or equal rights until there is a solution, by Tony Klug

50 years of Israeli-Palestinian economic relations 1967-2017: What have we learned?, by Mohammed Samhouri

50 Years of Occupation: Enough!

Machsom Watch, June 2017

The Green Line separating Israel from the West Bank has been erased from textbooks, maps, and consciousness.

Beyond the Green Line, Palestinians have been living under Israeli military rule for half a century!

To raise public awareness of this deplorable fact:

  • We will march together along the Green Line on June 8 and June  10.
  • We will call to resolve the conflict and end the control of one people over the other.

Joint week of action - 50 actions for 50 years

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Join 50 actions nationwide June 5-June 10, 2017 on this 50th anniversary to demand an end to Israel’s brutal military occupation as part of a commitment to justice for all Palestinians, whether in historic Palestine or in exile. Israel’s actions since 1967 make clear that the occupation was never meant to be temporary. It is not an aberration. It is the latest extension of Israel’s ethnic cleansing and subjugation of Palestinians, which continues to this day...

Quick facts: 50 years of Israeli military rule

Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU)

Since militarily occupying the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza, during the June 1967 War, Israel has:

  • Destroyed more than 48,000 Palestinian homes and other structures, including agricultural buildings and places of business, because they were built without permission from Israel’s occupying army, which is nearly impossible for Palestinians to obtain.
  • Imprisoned more than 800,000 Palestinians using a military court system that human rights organizations have condemned as falling far short of the minimum standards required for a fair trial. ...

Fifty years of Israeli Occupation

Journal of Palestine Studies

A Special Focus publication highlighting a series of articles from the JPS archives from 1972 to 2014 that relate the Naksa and its ongoing consequence. The articles offer no easy answers or predictions, but, rather, seek to provide readers with information about the unfolding historical processes unleashed by the June war: the “peace process,” Israeli settlements, the Palestinian resistance, the Palestinian Authority, and the opportunities for ending an occupation. This Special Focus provides a fuller understanding of the last half-century shaped by the 1967 War.

50 stories of Palestinian life under occupation

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - occupied Palestinian territory

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