Palestine Youth Life Skills project

Building a brighter future for young Palestinians in Bourj al-Barajneh refugee camp, Beirut, Lebanon.

Photo: Girls leadership training [PWHO]


Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to this project.


November 2018

YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF THIS APPEAL MEANS a brighter future for young pALESTINiAN refugees in Lebanon.



To enhance the positive and productive development of Palestinian youth through life skills support and training.


Bourj al-Barajneh is a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon with a population of well over 31,000-35,000, some 60% of which are under 16 years of age. Due to the difficult physical, economic and social conditions in the camp, children and youth are often affected by frustration, boredom, poor motivation and an inability to work cooperatively. Throughout the camp there are very few community centres dedicated to youth. An often harsh consequence of this environment is an increase in violent behaviours and drug abuse. Targeting vulnerable young members of the community, this project will provide counselling, health and social awareness activities, and art or creative classes with the aim of building positive life skills for young Palestinian refugees.

The youngsters show us how to do the traditional Palestinian dabke dance; Bourj al-Barajneh camp, Beirut. [Photo: AKL Photography]

Similar programming has been conducted in the refugee camps for several years now, and it is always successful and very popular in the community. PWHO sees a continuing need for this programming due to the severe impact of the Syrian crisis which has overflowed into Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon with large numbers of incoming Palestine refugees displaced from Syria swelling the already overcrowded and under-resourced Palestinian camps in Lebanon.

TARGET GROUP: 150 children aged 12-18 years (both boys and girls)


  1. Training workshops for youth (social skills, communication skills, gender awareness, human rights and responsibilities, critical and creative thinking, self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, decision-making and problem-solving).

  2. Awareness workshops for parents and community members.

  3. Update the project’s training manual.

  4. Capacity building workshops for project staff.

  5. Formation of a community committee to follow-up project outcomes.

PARTNER AGENCY: Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation (PWHO), Bourj al-Barajneh refugee camp, Beirut.

"The young people are our future," said Dr Olfat Mahmoud, Director of the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation (PWHO). "The camp is not a happy place and they are vulnerable, but they are also bright and creative and believe in their education."

If you believe all children deserve a brighter future, then please help us to make that future with young Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.


Funds raised in this appeal will be transferred via the Australian-Palestinian Partnerships in Education & Health (APPEH), a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission  (ABN 79 689 287 716).

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YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT OF THIS APPEAL MEANS a brighter future for young pALESTINiAN refugees in Lebanon.

Thank you!