Settlement Report, March 2019

FOUNDATION FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE: Weekly Settlement Report, covering everything you need to know about Israeli settlement activity.

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Settlement Report, 29 March 2019

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  • Report: U.S. & Israel Are Discussing Annexation “Scenarios” Including Ariel, Ma’aleh Adumim, and Etzion “Settlement Blocs” [And AIPAC Stuff] - read more >>

  • Israel Gives Final Approval to Arieh King Settlement Project in Sheikh Jarrah - read more >>

  • Jerusalem Planning Authorities Advance Legal Cover for Hasty Approval of Settler Zip Line Project in East Jerusalem - read more >>

  • Updated Jerusalem Map by Ir Amim - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 21 March 2019

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  • After 18 Years, Court Evicts Settlers from Stolen Home in Downtown Hebron - read more >>

  • Knesset Leader: U.S. Support for Annexation of Golan is First Step Towards West Bank Annexation - read more >>

  • Israeli Education Ministry Funds Group Behind Violent Outpost at Site of Dismantled Settlement - read more >>

  • Settler Excavations in Silwan Hit a Wall [Literally] - read more >>

  • Settlers Lobby Key U.S. Stakeholders to Protect Settlements from Trump’s “Peace Plan” & Promote Settler-Palestinian Business “Coexistence” Initiatives - read more >>

  • Palestinian-Americans Intervene in Lawsuit Against AirBnB, Bringing First Challenge Against Settlements to U.S. Courts - read more >>

  • Hoping to Avoid ICC Investigation, Pro-Settlement Groups Submit Defense of Settlements - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 15 March 2019

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  • State Submits Defense of Mitzpe Kramim Outpost Legalization to High Court, Peace Now Petitions to Join the Case - read more >>

  • Civil Administration Employees Go on Strike, Delaying Approval of 4,500 New Settlement Units - read more >>

  • 47% of Palestinian Land Expropriated by Israel for “Security Needs” Has Been Given to the Settlements - read more >>

  • Transportation Ministry Denies Involvement in Jerusalem Cable Car Project, Calls it a “Tourist Cable Car” - read more >>

  • State Department Formalizes Occupation Denial as Official U.S. Policy; Israeli Politicians Immediately Plan for Annexation - read more >>

  • For the First Time, AIPAC National Policy Conference to Host Settler Leader - read more >>

  • Wind Power & Israel’s Occupation of the Golan Heights - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 8 March 2019

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  • Settlers Take Over Two Palestinian Homes in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City - read more >>

  • Jerusalem Planning Authority Nullifies Only Way Palestinians Can Prove Land Ownership in East Jerusalem - read more >>

  • Report: Jerusalem City Council to Approve Plan to Build Two New Settlements, Expand Others - read more >>

  • Israeli Court Rejects Another Petition to Stop the Eviction of the Sabbagh Family from their Home in Sheikh Jarrah - read more >>

  • Ambassador Friedman Takes Over Palestinian Relations & Settlement Reporting - read more >>

  • Congressional Funding for Settler Business Council? - read more >>

  • UNHRC Delays (Again) Publication of Database Identifying Businesses Operating in Settlements - read more >>

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Settlement Report, 1 March 2019

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  • As Elections Approach, Here’s Two Settlement Plans Bibi Might Advance to Win Votes/Deflect Pressure - read more >>

  • Palestinians March in Hebron on Anniversary of Goldstein Massacre - read more >>

  • U.S. Charities Are Financing Radical, Violent Hilltop Youth Settler Movement - read more >>

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