Update - Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike

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After 40 days of hunger strike, Palestinian prisoners suspended their hunger strike on 27 May 2017 and announced that they have achieved victory in their humanitarian demands, following 20 hours of negotiations between the strikers’ leadership and Israeli occupation prison administration.

[Photo: The Freedom Theatre]

[Photo: The Freedom Theatre]

Below is a selection of articles reporting the end of the hunger strike:

28/05/2017, Sydney Morning Herald, Palestinian prisoners end six-week hunger strike after reaching deal

Hundreds of Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons ended a six-week-old hunger strike on Saturday that marked the re-emergence of a popular Palestinian politician serving multiple life terms for murder... Read more >>

27/05/2017, The Australian, Palestinian inmates end hunger strike

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have ended a 40-day hunger strike over their conditions in Israeli jails, the Israel Prisons Service and a Palestinian official says... Read more >>

27/05/2017, MA'AN News, After 40 days, Palestinians suspend mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons

Hundreds of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons suspended a 40-day mass hunger strike during dawn hours on Saturday, after reaching an agreement with the Israel Prison Service (IPS) that reinstated the prisoners' family visitation sessions to two times per month, according to initial information from Palestinian leadership and IPS, with details yet to emerge regarding any additional achievements.

The agreements came on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, for which some hunger strikers had vowed to fast and forgo the salt and water mixture being consumed by the prisoners from dawn until sunset -- the only source of nutrients the hunger strikers were consuming.... Read more >>

27/05/2017, Samidoun, Victory, Towards Liberation: Salute to the Palestinian Prisoners and the Struggle for Freedom

On the occasion of the victory of the Strike of Freedom and Dignity, the valiant battle of Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli jails, confronting the occupier with their bodies and their lives, we salute the Palestinian prisoners on achieving their victory, not only for themselves and their families, but for the entire Palestinian people and global movement for justice and liberation... Read more >>

28/05/2017, Addameer, Prisoners' movement declares victory as hunger strike ends

After 40 days, Palestinian prisoners have suspended their mass hunger strike, which was launched on 17 April 2017 by an estimated 1500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention centers. The prisoners had a range of demands, highlighting basic needs and human rights, including an end to the denial of family visits, the right to proper health care and medical treatment, the right to pursue distance higher education, an end to solitary confinement, and an end to administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial.

Issa Qaraqe, director of the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Commission spoke at a press conference on Sunday, 28 May in which he declared that “80 percent of the demands” of the prisoners were achieved in the strike... Read more >>

27/05/2017, WAFA News, Palestinian prisoners’ mass hunger strike suspended

Palestinian prisoners’ open-ended hunger strike was suspended on Saturday after an agreement was reached between Israeli Prison Services (IPS) and prisoners’ leaders, said prisoners’ affairs minister, Issa Qaraqe, and head of Palestine Prisoners’ Society Qaddoura Fares... Read more >>

27/05/2017, Palestine News Network, After 41 days of hunger strike: Palestinian prisoners end strike victorious

Today Saturday Palestinian  sources announced that the leadership of the prisoners inside Israeli jails  has reached an agreement with the Israeli government and its prison authority to end hunger strike known as Freedom and dignity which continue for  41 days... Read more >>

27/05/2017, The New Arab, #DignityStrike: Palestinians celebrate victory of 'largest' hunger strike

Celebrations erupted across the Palestinian territories on Saturday, after hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails ended their hunger strike after prison authorities agreed to a key demand of the protesters. The hunger strikers, who began their protest on 17 April, ceased the strike just hours before the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset... Read more >>

27/05/2017, Aljazeera, Palestinian prisoners in Israel suspend hunger strike

Deal struck with Israel after intense talks hailed as 'victory' for Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for 40 days... Read more >>

27/05/2017, Electronic Intifada, Hunger strike ends, prisoners declare victory

After 40 days without food, hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have suspended their hunger strike in Israeli jails. The end of the strike came after 20 hours of intense negotiations between the strike’s leaders, including imprisoned Fatah figure Marwan Barghouti, and the Israel Prison Service, according to a statement issued Saturday morning by the prisoners solidarity committee. The committee hailed the agreement as a “victory for the Palestinian people and the prisoners in their epic defense of freedom and dignity.” ... Read more >>

27/05/2017, Middle East Monitor, Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails end hunger strike

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners ended a 40-day hunger strike today initially launched over conditions in Israeli jails, the Israel Prison Service and a Palestinian official said. About 1,100 inmates had initially taken part in one of the largest such hunger strikes, which began on 17 April. It raised tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, with protests in support of the strikers spilling over into clashes in the West Bank and along the Israel-Gaza border... Read more >>

27/05/2017, Middle East Eye, Palestinian prisoner hunger strike ends in Israeli jails

Palestinian prisoners have ended their hunger strike in Israeli jails after going without food and water for nearly 40 days. The hunger strike was ended following night-time negotiations that involved the Red Cross, Palestinian and Israeli sources told the AFP... Read more >>

27/05/2017, The Jerusalem Post, Palestinian hunger strike ends after 40th day

Israeli Prison Service says there were no negotiations and no demands met; Palestinian officials declare victory for prisoners’ rights... Read more >>

27/05/2017, The Washington Post, Palestinian prisoners end mass hunger strike

Hundreds of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners ended their 40-day fast on the first day of the month-long Muslim holiday of Ramadan, after reaching a compromise with Israel for additional family visits, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. Israel prison service spokeswoman Nicole Englander said the inmates declared an end to the strike Saturday morning. She said it came after a deal was reached with the Palestinian Authority and the Red Cross for prisoners to receive a second family visit each per month... Read more >>

29/05/2017, Mondoweiss, Palestinian hunger strike ends with prisoners declaring victory – but Israel claims nothing happened

Saturday, after 41 days, the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike came to what seemed to be an end – or rather a ‘suspension’. At first, details of concessions to Palestinian prisoner demands beyond the reinstatement of a second monthly family visit were not yet available, and Israel was apparently using this vacuum to downplay the whole thing... Read more >>